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Looking for the best nail salon in your area? Stop , your search is over. KritiMakeover - the best nail salon in Delhi can provide you with an exceptional nail service that you will appreciate for a long time. Kets read the article till it's end to know what the mail salon can offer you:


Why Kirti Makeovers

Our Nail Services

At kritiMakeover, we offer manicure services for your nails. However, manicure has a lot to provide you rather than only clipping and shaping nails. An exclusive manicure at nail salon from kritiMakeover also pampers our clients. 


Through manicure, you will get treatment for your nail cuticles and skin around the nails. With regular maintenance of your hand, you can enjoy a soft and smooth hand every time. 


Shellac Gel Manicures


The Shellac Gel Manicure is one of the best ways to grow your own nails. In this session, the professional will apply a gel on your nail and UV light to help in curing and drying up the nails. The result you can see for up to two weeks. Along with this manicure treatment, you will also receive a hand massage from kritiMakeover. 


Acrylic Nails


The acrylic nail is generally a combination of powder and liquid which will be applied on your nail. Once it gets dried off, the artist will paint your nail upto your satisfaction. After painting the nail, you will have gel polish or clear gel topcoat. It keeps your nail paint protected from chipping and it adds extra shine on your nail that will enhance the paint. 


Nail Maintenance


Rather than manicure, acrylic nail, nail paint, the kritiMakeover can provide you various types of nail care and upgrade services for your nails. Our nail maintenance service in the best nail salon in Delhi include cuticle maintenance, nail trimming and shaping and other necessary care. By having regular nail maintenance service from kritiMakeover, you can have a beautiful and gorgeous nail that impresses anyone. 




These all are the services that we provide for our clients. Hopefully, you will enjoy our services at its best that the other clients Do. Let's check some tips to maintain the nail service that you will get from us. Our manicurists and other experts have shared the tips for you:


Maintain Your Nail After Having Nail Service With These Below Tips

  • Use Cuticle Oil


To keep the nails healthy and make the manicure stay longer, you should use cuticle Oil. Use the cuticle oil just after the nail polish is dry. It has important vitamins that keep the nail moisturized, so it doesn't break easily.

  • Start Using Gloves


After the manicure, you will also want your nail polish to stay longer. So, start using gloves when you are using any harsh cleaning products. If you have ever used foamy bleach or detergent after a manicure, you may experience dried-out hands and nails.

  • Don't Use Hot Water


After having a manicure, you should stop using hot water for some days. As hot water seeps underneath the nail it makes the nail polish to be peeled off and lifted. So it includes avoiding hot water when taking shower, washing dishes, or hot water in the tub.

  • Dry Out Nails With Cool Air


Do you use your blow dryer to make the nail polish dry? Don't do it. It makes the upper surface of the nail polish hard which results in quick breaking. In that case, you should opt for cool air to dry off your nail polish. Some nail salons also have manicure fans to help you in drying the nail polish. 




These all are tips to make your manicure stay longer. After having a manicure from the best nail salon in Delhi, you should take proper care of your hand, so it lasts for a longer time. You can also askour manicurist to guide you in the right way, so your manicure stays longer. As soon as a manicure plays an important role to keep your hands beautiful, you should also take extra care, so you can look beautiful for a longer time. Let's get ready for the wedding season?


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